Welcome to my blog! I’m Tristin Grizel Dean, a 35-year-old science teacher and artist residing in the pacific wonderland of Portland, Oregon. I live with my husband, our two wild and joyous young children, and our dog Suzy.

For the past 11 years, I have wholeheartedly dedicated myself to teaching math, science, and technology in Title I schools. While this journey has been deeply rewarding, I recently decided to embark on a new path. Driven by my curiosity and love for problem-solving, I’m currently studying full stack development to pursue a career as a software engineer. I’m thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead in the world of coding and programming.

When I’m not working, studying, or caring for my family, I devote my time to exploring my creative hobbies. As a graphic design enthusiast, I enjoy experimenting with visual aesthetics and creating captivating digital designs. I also have a passion for creating games and puzzles to share with family and friends — it has become a tradition for my family to receive puzzles in the mail whenever I have an announcement to make or a celebration to share. In 2020 I discovered Adventuron, a game engine for crafting text adventures. Since then, I have published 5 text adventures, and am looking forward to publishing many more!

Lately I have been eagerly exploring emerging AI technologies and applications. AI has always fascinated me, and I’m particularly intrigued by the way ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other AI apps are reshaping our world and careers. In order to stay engaged with advancements in technology, I try to utilize different apps in ways that enhance my own life and work.

As an intermittent blogger since the days of Diaryland and LiveJournal, I cannot promise an unwavering commitment to this blog. However, it is my genuine intention to share insights into my artistic process, puzzle creation, and game development, particularly when new technologies are involved.

Thanks for joining me!


Me and my daughter, born in 2023
Me and my son, born in 2019