Making Game Graphics in Canva

Reflections was the first text adventure that I created. I was inspired to make it after playing the amazing text adventures in the 2020 Cryptex Hunt. At the time, I was teaching middle school classes online (pandemic life) and thought it would be fun to share with my students, so the game was geared toward them.

I made the graphics in Canva because that’s another thing I began exploring during online teaching. I’ve used it for tons of projects since then – it’s a versatile design tool for making anything from birthday invitations to eBooks. The pro version ($13/mo) gives you access to hundreds of thousands of graphic elements you can use, as well as different filters, editing capabilities, and now, an AI art generator.

I should probably mention that this is NOT a sponsored advertisement and I’m not trying to sell you anything, but Canva really is fantastic!

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