Print-and-Play Games for Airplane Rides

Lately I’ve had a lot of fun printing, laminating, cutting, and corner-punching PnP (Print and Play) card games. I came up with the idea of making some airplane travel kits to give family members as Christmas gifts, with little things like sanitizing wipes, ear plugs, and mints, but also some solo and 2-player PnP games.

Step one is to decide what games to include! I asked the PnP community what the best PnP games are for playing on airplane rides, and these are the answers I got.

Mini Rogue

Get it for: Free
Players: Solo
Components: 9 cards, 4 dice, 8 tokens, 1 rulebook, 1 scoresheet
Mechanics: Dice rolling, Push your luck, Role playing

“Delve into a deep dungeon in order to get a mysterious ruby called the Og’s Blood.” (BGG)

A review of Mini Rogue from Tiago Perretto:

“The praise this game has received is deserved: with few materials, it truly gives a dungeon crawl experience – you have the sense of discovery, the fights, the pillage, the evolution of abilities and weaponry (with spells and armor).

“It has a high amount of luck built in – in several moments there are die rolls (events, life of opponents, to try to gain special treasure, etc.), and the structure of the areas is also random (which is good for replay value). While you can most definitely lose by sheer bad luck, you are unlikely to win counting only on luck; your decisions will matter.

“Overall, Mini Rogue is a total winner. It has thrills, excitement, discovery, evolution, cleverness, choices, replay value and is fun. Set up and tear down is basically nill. Even the artwork is nice. It doesn’t get much better than this with 9 cards.”

Palm Island

Get it for: $4.00 (full version) or free (low ink solo version)
Players: 1 – 2
Components: 63 cards, 1 rulebook
Mechanics: Deck building, Hand management, Memory, Move through deck

“Develop and gather resources to grow an island that fits in the palm of your hand.” (BGG)

A review of Palm Island from Adam Richards:

“Palm Island packs in way more game than it has any right to. It’s only a few cards, but really manages to capture that feeling that bigger games can, one of producing resources, growing your town, upgrading and keeping things balanced.

“Initially it can feel like an unfortunately shuffled deck is going to ruin any chance of doing well, but with a few plays under your belt, you start to realize that you can influence the order, and make things work for you.

“It’s such a satisfying game, it makes me smile and feel cozy just to play. There are so few card and board games that you can curl up in a big chair and play, but this is one. An exceptionally well-designed and implemented little game.”

Revolver Noir

Get it for: $3.00
Players: 2
Components: 18 cards, 1 rulebook
Mechanics: Deduction, Hidden movement

“You ain’t alone, and only one of you is leavin’ this place alive.” (BGG)

A review of Revolver Noir from NasumQSU:

“This game is so tight and tense, with tough but manageable decisions each turn. It plays quick, resets quick, and can be played just about anywhere as no table is needed. The gamesmanship of trying to sneak around the mansion while at the same time figuring out your opponent’s position is so much fun. When you get the clues that result from missed shots or room effects being triggered and you get that feeling you might be on the right track, it’s a satisfying rush. When you make a mistake though and are rushing to get away, it’s a different kind of thrill.

“The art on the backs of the cards is quite fitting and the rooms have a nice black and white aesthetic. The rulebook is clear and precise, and the reference cards have pretty much all the info you need.

“This is a bit of a filler game for two people but it’s fun, it’s extremely portable, and easy to play.”


Get it for: $3.00
Players: Solo
Components: 18 cards, 1 rulebook
Mechanics: Hand management

“When hungry Numbsters form a line, arrange them well and you’ll be fine. But when they all begin to munch, avoid the Mouth or you’ll be lunch!” (BGG)

A review of Numbsters from BJ from Board Game Gumbo:

“It’s really challenging but in a good way. A mark of this game’s elegance: It is fun to play even when you don’t win.

“Numbsters has been a pleasant surprise, and delivered what I personally want to see in a small solo game. Give me a tough game to beat that fits in the palm of my hand. Make it easy to set up and carry around, which means it will probably get played more. But, still give me a bigger experience in gameplay.”

Galdor’s Grip

Get it for: Free
Players: Solo
Components: 18 cards + expansion cards, 1 rulebook
Mechanics: Hand management, Move through deck

“Stop an evil telepath with just your hands in this fantasy card game for one player.” (BGG)

A review of Galdor’s Grip from Damon S:

“First thing that instantly grabs me is the theme: “A demented telepath has invaded your mind.” What a hook! The art invokes an 80’s grunge fantasy, and the card names are so evocative that it feels like it was designed in a fully fleshed-out world.

“Second thing that appeals – the simplicity. Aside from a few expansion cards, you simply shuffle your deck of 18 cards, flip the top one, and you’ve begun.

“The gameplay is stellar, and quite unique from all other games I have played. The design of having your whole deck arrayed in your hand – some cards revealed, some hidden – is just genius. The difficulty leans towards the difficult side, but this is exactly what I’m looking for in a solo game.

“Overall, I encourage anyone who has a passing interest to take the plunge and give it a go, you won’t regret it!”

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